Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Time We Were Chased Part One

You all know by now that we MUST have been detected at least once. Well it happened for sure. Here's a little comic strip of how it went down. I'm no artist, folks, but this should do. here's the True Life Adventure.
Once upon a time we were walking behind the cars in Horizons. We'd gotten too comfortable with it.
We came across a FAT maintenance man!

Good Lord! He was waiting for the ride to close so he get busy sleeping.

He turned his flashlight on us and gave us chase! We were skinny and could run like rabbits!Chief remembered a door we had used many times. It led to the "Future from the 50's" scene. We were actually in the Sea Castle scenes.

In an act of pure brilliance Chief locked the door! This gave us plenty of time to find a hiding place.

We walked underneath the "Easy living" scene to find our trusted hiding place.

Here's the layout of "the Hole's: location. Imagine the Easy Living scene. Our "hole" was a square of the background painting cut away like a doggy door revealing an unfinished room. I don't know how we originally found it but we had been there several times since.

We were fucked...

After some time we heard the ride system fire up and the audio got louder.

I snuck out to the edge of the Easy Living set....

They were riding through looking for us!!!!!!!!!!

We had to get crafty and QUICK!

Do they make it out of there alive!!!!!!!!!? Find out in the next issue "The Time We got Chased Part Two"!


  1. This is brilliant. You guys are my heroes- I can't believe you did this! Can't wait for part 2.


  2. He He

    Locking the door on the maint guy


    Great story. Cant wait til the end.

  3. OMG! That tale got my heart racing!

    However I am betting that you made it out alive or you wouldn't be telling the story right now! Now I can calm down knowing you'll both be all right! LOL :)

  4. Ah, this is wonderful.

  5. Loving it, loving it! AWESOME and BRILLIANT indeed! :)

  6. That is just insanely exciting!!

  7. I love it! How long did the ride stop? How far into your explorations was this? It would have discouraged me, to say the least.

  8. The ride stopped for.....hell i don't know. It seemed like forever. It wasn't a wheelchair stop it was much longer.

    We had been staying inside the ride for several missions by this time.

    We weren't discouraged. We couldn't be. We had work to do:)

  9. You got pretty lucky... I was caught Urban Exploring once and charged with a Felony -- had to do 100 hours of community service to keep that bad boy from my record.

  10. wow, felony? seems kind of harsh for simply being caught behind the scenes in a disney attraction?

  11. Well, Anonymous, it's different for us. We paid to get into Epcot. It wasn't our fault that the ride vehicles were unsafe and we kept falling out. On top of that there were no clear exit ways marked so it was easy for one to become lost for hours in there. ON TOP OF THAT random fat scary people would chase you in the dark! The only clear way out was to try to get back in the unsafe vehicle and hope for the best.

  12. Clearly you were placed in a situation not of your own doing that could have resulted in extreme bodily harm to you. Any lawyer could use that and have you guys come out with a giant wad of disney dollars.