Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now departing

I like it when I saw this sign for the first time because I love airports. That's right, Hoot Gibson LOVES airports. I'd marry an airport if I could.


  1. as cool as our local SeaTac airport is, *no* airport I've ever been to looks like this.

  2. Did anyone actually see the queue back out this far? I'm sure it happened once..

  3. My name is Mango Lipbalm and I love airports too. That's right I said it, I'm a dork!

    SeaTac *is* pretty cool, the newish terminal A at Logan in Boston is cool too, but nothing beats Futureport. The closest space age-y airport I can think of would be Charles de Gaulle in Paris, they had some Jetson-y action going on in spots. Laid off imagineers should design some airports...

    And yes, I did see the queue this far back the first time I visited Horizons which was a few months after it opened. Never saw that again though.

  4. mmm... mango lipbalm sounds delicious!

    yeah, I have to say landing at SeaTac on the way home gives me hope for humanity. It's the future meets Northwest vibe that I really love. jetsons meets salmon.

    but having to travel to and through nearly every airport in the country makes me very sad. granted there are cool spots (even Detroit's new Northwest terminal is quite slick) but oerall I feel like there's a distinct lack of innovation at work in what could be some of the coolest spaces in the country.

    i have to say the circa-80s EPCOTish futurism at MCO (with the trams & neon & section of spaceship earth mounted on a wall above one of the concourses) is kinda cool though.

    but nearly every other old airport looks... old. and every new airport looks like a giant shopping mall. [sigh]

    when you are at SeaTac you should check out the huge food court in concourse C - it has giant windows onto the tarmac and is pretty stunning.

    this is me after one rum and coke.

  5. Brian Place, like the Jetsons meets salmon description :) Sounds like you are a fellow frequent flyer - have you checked out the new Jet Blue terminal at JFK? I haven't yet, still under construction last time I passed through, but heard it's way improved and looks kinda modern.

    I don't think I'll be checking out SeaTac again for a few months, but I'll keep concourse C in mind - thanks for the airport sightseeing tip! Seattle has some great modern stuff, love the EMP & SAM for art.

    Hoot, you may need to start an airport blog, LOL!

  6. I'll second the sentiment over Charles De Gaulle in Paris. That's one freaky work of engineering. I arrived there on a Continental flight and emerged into this cement and glass ball that was literally slightly opened up to the elements as there were open spaces between all the glass panels making up the outside of the structure. You wound your way upwards to the terminal area. It was freaky as hell. And yes, I was in Paris to visit Disneyland Paris. What a trashed park. It's like the DisneySEA of Magic Kingdom parks detail wise, but it's a dirty disgusting mess of a park. The French just don't seem to give a shit about maintenance and cleanliness.