Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Rich and Famous

This is better.

See how hard it was to get these particular pics? There's a ride vehicle right outside of that window. Luckily it was empty.

I love the shrimp cocktails being served, not enough to marry them, but I love them just the same. The couple must have chosen the picture of the shrimp cocktails on the clear menu.

The woman has the BEST hat in all of Horizons hands down! She just got off work being the front woman of JP and the Silver Stars. The man can afford all the shrimp he wants because he plays banjo in World of Motion AND The American Adventure! "Brother can you spare a dime?.....a DIME ? How 'bout you buy two of my shrimp and I'll loan you back the ten cents!"

Yes that's my damned camera strap in the upper right. DAMN IT!


  1. Wow... banjo man really got around. Maybe he was a time traveler? MAYBE HE WAS A CYLON??

  2. You should have placed a bunch of those empty beer cans you found on the table. Just long enough for a few visitors to see.

  3. I always loved that "flock of seagulls" centerpiece.