Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a little blurry but it's a good start. Young Hoot Gibson is checking out the contents of the family fridge with the most annoying animatronic kid ever created.

Remember when I said that we, the riders, were seeing a glimpse of the future that was largely unexplained to us? This kitchen is a great example. How many average riders knew that the fridge was voice activated? I had no idea until this adventure began.

So much detail. What about the other appliances?


  1. Are you wearing a hypercolor shirt in there? and do I see tightrolled jeans? Awesome!

  2. No but I know what you're talking about:) I don't know why that strange glow is on my chest. Maybe I was really happy or maybe I'm E.T.

    Tight role on combat boots! Yes!

  3. So how sturdy was that little Animatronic kid? I'd be afraid I'd break him. Are they padded, or do they just feel like hard metal?

    That cake always looked like a tie-fighter to me. Took me years to figure out it was the space station from elsewhere in the ride.

    The wrapping paper is decidely un-futuristic. Haven't they figured out a better way to wrap packages by then?!

  4. Did you move the kids head?

  5. Nope he moved it himself:) The kid was a hard plastic shell underneath his jumpsuit.

  6. you opened the fridge? there is another shot where it looks like its open. i cant remember was it part of the ride?

  7. Revisiting posts after my initial read through months ago...

    That color scheme! How 80's is that! The more I study these photos the more I begin to realize how a good coat of paint, new furniture, and some costume changes would have been all that was necessary to cosmetically update much of this ride.

    The omnisphere scenes would have needed a revamp and the integrity of the structure itself from sinking foundation to leaky roof needed an overhaul, but an early 90's revamp could have kept this attraction open during that interval when it was shut down.

    Mauve, pink, brick orange & pastel blue. Totally Rad!