Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I like it here

Let's stay in the restaurant for a little while. The middle window, the previous blogs being the last and highest window, had an Asian mother and daughter looking at a playful seal. ............................. I'm trying really hard to be "PC" here folks. (deep breathe) I ASSUME they are Asian. OK? I'd say they were Asian American but they might not be from America. I'm NOT going to say that they are actually Eskimos who are choosing their next meal. I'm not going to say it so forget it.
Now I've done it. Damn!


  1. I thought the story was that she's a woman-child who used to inhabit "it's a small world" but was cast-out when she grew too big. Her unique telepathic abilities allow her to communicate with sea mammals...

    ...or maybe she's Asian.

  2. Im thinking we must have some more pictures from 'inside' the restaurant right? What we wouldnt give to have had digital cameras back then. Thats the unfortunate part of all this, we did have to be kind of selective about how many pictures we were taking and of what, this was regular old 35mm film. And that meant alot of trips to the 1 hour photo walgreens or whereever, and Hoot and I werent exactly rich in those days. But dont worry, we did get ALOT of pictures, im just saying if it were done today with digitial cameras, we would have hundreds of photos of the same exact shot. :)

  3. Wow... my dream come true... living in an undersea world with plastic people...

  4. The seal was always my favorite! *_*