Tuesday, June 9, 2009

50 "followers"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! We made it to 50! Honestly I never thought we'd get two or three. I mean, this long after Horizons closed? I never thought there were so many hardcore fans out there. I love this blog:) Thanks, Horizons fans for everything you do.

tanyeshka was our 50th follower! Tell her what she won, Johnny!

"tanyeshka wins a new washer dryer combo! Not only that, she wins a brand new Laser Chef "Laser Oven"!" She also wins an all expense paid trip to.................SEA CASTLE! Yes tanyeshka and a guest will experience life under the waves! Dinning, Romance, and leisure! This could all be yours if the price is right!

Rock on! Chief is going on vacation so you people are all MINE for the next week!


  1. Are you kidding? This is the best blog ever! You are going to have like 50,000 followers.

    This is the best blog ever!

    If you have time check out my blog at http://www.allthingswdw.blogspot.com

    It's not as fun as yours, but it's a glimpse of some other attractions.

    Thanks again for this site. You guys are awesome.

  2. I agree - I havent been this interested in a blog in years.

  3. Never got into blogs before, but you got beleivers in our bunch. Keep it up!

  4. I barely ever subscribe to blogs with the exception of this one because it is so totally and undeniably awesome

  5. I have to say that this IS the BEST tribute site for any Disney attraction.

    It is because of this site and Horizons1.com that I was ever introduced to Horizons - as my first trip to Epcot wasnt until the end of 1999. I truly don't understand why they closed this attraction... but if it was due to a sinkhole, I guess I will have to live with it.

    It is very saddening tho that Disney doesnt document thier attractions for posterity. I mean Disney could make alot of money from tribute material.

  6. Congratulations on your first 50 followers! I'm proud to say that I am one of them. Thanks again for sharing with us. I can't wait to see what you will post next.

    Oh yeah....and I hate Mission Space!

  7. Congratulations guys! I've said it before: will Mission Space have this many fans a decade after it closes? No way! Disney made a huge mistake when they shut Horizons down.

  8. Congratulations guys. This blog truly is my favorite thing on the internet. I remember a few months ago while doing my usual late night EPCOT Center video watching I came across a video that made absolutely no sense to me- it was this weird angle on the Harvester that just... harvested. Despite all the promotional content and tribute videos I have downloaded, this one short youtube video became the greatest piece of EPCOT footage I had ever seen.

    Fast forward to 3 weeks ago when my EPCOT Center confidant J. Stone sent me this blog and it all came full circle. This, hands down, is the most remarkable tribute to any attraction EVER. If you disagree you are a damn liar or Gary "Cue Card Readin" Sinise.

    Thanks Hoot and Chief. Keep it up.

  9. Ugh. The "sinkhole" rumor again. Yes, the area is riddled with sinkholes. Odyssey was moved (from the original design) because of one. Energy sits atop one (they pump water into it stabilize it). But think about it... if Horizons was being destroyed by a sinkhole, why would they build another building in the same place--let alone something that exerts the forces of EIGHT HUGE CENTRIFUGES? And how is it that this "sinkhole" didn't appear until GE pulled its sponsorship? Let's put this myth to rest already.

  10. Then why did it close?

    Carousel of Progress is still turning and its GE sponsorship was dropped in 1985. Horizons Pavillion area could have easily been updated - even turned into an Innoventions area.

    And from what I have seen on Horizons1.com... the back area of the building is where the hole was - and after demolision was filled with rebar. and Mission space is smaller than Horizons was so if the location of the hole is correct then the new building is not over it. but if that isnt the case. why did it close?

    HM has more AA's, even POTC, so I dont think the cost would be that high.

    But WDI has never done another attration with a suspended omnimover...could have there been a problem with it? did the ride system break down alot?

  11. Haunteone999

    There are a lot of rumors speculating that upon completion Walt forbid the removal of the attraction. Now, whether this is true or not isn't known, but that's a possibility since it goes empty most cycles but is untouched.

    As for the "sink hole" theory, Horizons was a massive building with more than two levels. In actuality the 1st level (where you boarded) was actually the second floor. The backside of Horizons (nearest the Wardrobe building) was a massive service area in which parts of Horizons and other FW East attraction pieces were worked on . In order to get Mission Death, sorry Space, to fit on 1 level crews had to fill in the space. I believe that is the area you are referring to.

    As for breaking down. From what I remember it didn't break down any more that other attractions. I normally worked FW West, but had some times to work Horizons. It seemed to work fine. Actually, ride operation was really boring. We had a Greeter, a Load, 2 Unloads (sometimes), and a Breaker.

  12. Also wanted to add this site. Jason (TocPe) created a CG Horizons! It's awesome!


  13. so then what is the "accepted" reason for Horizons closing?

    WOW, only 5 CMs?! Did that include the lead? Heck when I worked the Opera House at Disneyland we would have upto 7 CMs(8 with the lead)...Greeter, Double Greeter*, Lobby, Theater, Exit*, Tasker*, Breaker, and Lead.

    *extra positions

  14. I would say the accepted reason is that the ride had no corporate sponsor, was dated, poor hourly counts (c'mon it was really empty), and it was a huge space.

    But, my accepted reason was that management were a bunch of jackholes.

  15. Well all park managers are jackholes...thats why I quit Disneyland.

    Horizons could have easily been updated with new costumes and a few new set pieces...it had alot of potential.

    Films could have been updated.
    New furniture and costumes could have really made the scenes less 80's.
    A few new special effects.
    New post-show exhibits could have brought people.

    It just seems that Future World has lost the Future - just like how Tomorrowland has lost Tomorrow.

  16. Tomorrowland is the 2nd biggest tragedy at WDW to me. EPCOT Center being the first. Tomorrowland went from something that I vividly remember was tied in my mind to Future World (especially with the pictures of SE and Energy on WEDWay) to Pixar's Fantasyland. Even Alien Encounter, a ride I didn't even dig that much at the time it was open, is at the level of World of Motion to me. Thanks Johnny L!

  17. I asked a Disney historian about the sinkhole theory during a webinar they did on behalf of the Disney Institute. They said no, there was no sinkhole there. I understand it lost its sponsor, but they still could have made a go of it. It's depressing.

  18. Disney never offered and "official reason", but I think it's pretty obvious from the timing, that it had to do with lack of sponsorship. Carousel--and a few others--survived the loss of a sponsor, but the reality is, any formerly-sponsored attraction that loses sponsorship, is fair game. Carousel has run on limited hours (and been shuttered all together at times) for years now. I think it really comes down to the whim of Disney management.

    I don't know about the later years, but when I was there, Horizons was far and away the most reliable attraction in the park. You almost never heard of it going down. Which was good for us at Energy, since we went down a LOT, and Horizons being so efficient, could quickly absorb a large portion of our "101 dump".

  19. "Jstone", you wrote "In order to get Mission Death, sorry Space, to fit on 1 level crews had to fill in the space."

    What does this mean? It appears that all they did was level the slope leading to the entrance (which, as you correctly pointed out, is on the second floor; The Land is built much the same way). What are you saying was "filled in"?

  20. Hi G7,
    I was referring to the lowest level section (also known as Emergency Exit point 7, I think). It's where the crews worked underneath the show scenes.

    Here's kindof a pic of what I'm referring to:

    If you look at the 5th picture down you'll see a ramp leading up.

    Hope this helps.

  21. Thanks, Jstone. I didn't know Jason had updated his rendering. It gets more and more amazing all the time! What a treat to see that!

    I'm somewhat familiar with the area you're talking about. I was once evacuated through there, and I have a a few photos. I didn't know what it was called though. And I wasn't entirely sure if it was below grade. The way the elevations are sloped makes it very confusing.

  22. OK, I don't want this blog ever to end. Perhaps a backplan should Disney become privy to this? How about checking your face photos to make sure it is covered enough to not qualify for identification in court.

  23. God I hate being late to such epic things as this blog!

    Don't know if I'm of any help, but when a sponsorship expires on a attraction, Disney is in contract to change the ride from what it once was.. whether they find, seek, or are offered new sponsorship for the attraction. This explains why we have seen such desecration such as Figment has suffered.. and the golf ball. New sponsors.. "new" rides.

    The fact that things like WoM, Horizons, VMK, close down, is the painful reminder that our passion (Disney), doesn't give a shit about their fan base.. and how badly they have lose touch with their.. imagineering.