Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop

Chief and I mourn the loss of Michael Jackson, the King of pop and longtime Horizons fan. In a 1989 interview about his love for Disney, the King cited his favorite attractions as Pirates, Horizons, and Space Mountain. He was too humble and kind to mention the attraction in which he starred.

May you rest in peace, Captain EO.


  1. Wow, you found a life-sized AA of MJ backstage in Horizons? Awesome!

    No seriously, the man was one helluva singer & dancer. Captain EO was a badass show.

  2. I knew that MJ was a huge Disney fan, but I'd never heard about his love of Horizons. The man had talent AND taste! Thanks for the tidbit.

  3. Is that for real? Horizons was one of his favorites.
    Is that for real? Horizons was one of his favorites.
    As a child the parks and MJ were such a large influence on my prepubescent mind. When Captain EO was placed in Epcot it was a huge cherry on top of a delicious shiny future cupcake, Lorange flavored of course. Putting them together was outrageous fun for me MJ was a big part of my Epcot experience.

  4. The real Michael Jackson died in 1984. Everything else after that was his downward spiral into endless parody. He would've lived both longer & happier had he not been the uber-mega-super-famous celebrity that he became.

  5. and who names a character "Hooter" anyways???
    come on, that was lame :)
    but all in all, i LOVED Captain EO, as well as all of MJ's music, RIP MJ

  6. I guess could tell all of the very bad stories cast members told about michael the 80's and what they say he did but I love MJ too much for that
    I am just glad he can't hurt anyone anymore and no one can hurt him =(

  7. True, Katie. Well put.

    In my wierd narrow mind I tend to only judge people based on their connection to the Disney parks. I never followed Jackson's exploits and only know him as Captain EO. It makes no difference to me wether or not he commited crimes because I'm not on Earth to judge people either way. I certainly never knew him enough to cast such judgement. He was Captain EO.

    Anita Bryant is another such person. In my head she'll always be the Florida Orange Juice lady with her pal the Orange Bird. She sang two songs at the grand opening of WDW's "Tropical Serenade". She is, however, infamous for bashing gay people. I can't see her past her time as the OJ chick! She's a douche bag for hating gays but that makes no difference to my love for the Florida Orange Bird. I HAVE TO acknowledge her for that time period before she fucked up.

    well, that's the best I can do at explaining this stuff:)

    Got any beer?

  8. He could have saved it easily if he... "loved" it.

    -Presented By-
    Michael Jackson