Saturday, June 6, 2009

Broken kid

It was pretty funny to see this seal kissin' kid completely broken. He was stuck in that pose while the seal attacked him. The other kids were laughing.


  1. New scene dialog

    Teacher: Okay class, settle down. Now we're almost ready to go. But before we do, let's review our diving rules one more time.
    Rover: (barks)
    Teacher: Relax, Rover. Come on kids, underwater safety's no joke. Scott?
    Scott: Yes?
    Teacher: Stop making out with Rover and let's hear those safety rules.

  2. Oh man I can picture the think bubbles and captions flying
    “Billy’s first kiss”
    “Scuba instructor shocked at inter species relationship”
    “Billy and seal kissing in a tree”

  3. It also looks like the teacher is slightly off kilter... her left tank strap is detached. Since Scott seems to have had a sway motion, if she would have hit him - that would have caused him to fall over onto Rover. AA's arms are known to spasm - the Lincoln figure had the same problem.

  4. Maybe she smacked him for not knowing his safety rules

  5. Teacher: How often do we let seals chew on our faces?
    Class: Every 10 minutes!
    Student: Or more often.

  6. Sent the picture to some of the people in the picture. they got a kick out of it :)

  7. Nightmaretony, who is in the picture?