Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here are two more segments from two different adventures. Both are primarily from behind the ride vehicles, but then also venture onto the set a little. So I know the majority of this video is dark and kinda hard to see where we are and stuff, but I think its still fun to listen too the ride audio and hear our conversations about what we are doing.

The first segment is us trying to find the IMAX projector room(s). Again, the goal here was to get a decent gap when we got on the ride so we could jump off early, but this time instead of going down the stairs at the clouds and running to Easy Living under the track, we would climb out and squeeze between the cars to get to the walkway behind them. So this video starts out with us walking behind the cars, Hoot is filming and I am walking with a flash light. Ohh, and this again is before we started staying in the ride, so we knew we only had a limited amount of time to explore behind the cars before we had to make it back to our gap and get back into 'our' car. In the beginning we were always worried about getting back into the exact car we started the ride in, for fear that somehow the cast member at unload would know we were in the wrong car, heh. :)

Anyways, back to us walking behind the cars heading for the IMAX theatre stairwell. There are a couple places in the video where you can easily make out the back of the ride vehicles, and I very quickly shine the flashlight on the elevator that was in the middle of the IMAX theatre area. Its funny now to see how quiet we were in the stairwell, but needless to say, we didnt find what we were looking for and I dont remember going back to that stairwell many times after this. These backstage areas with the lights on always spooked us, so we didnt spend much time in them. For some reason it always felt more comfortable 'in' the ride, in the dark, being able to hear the audio, and all the other ambient noise from the ride vehicles and animatronics moving etc... So after we leave the stairwell, we know we still have some time to explore before having to find our car and get back in. So we film the control cabinets for the Urban Habitat and the Desert Habitat, which just happened to be in a larger area just behind the vehicles. And then its time to get back 'on' the ride, and again its funny to hear us freak out about what car we are supposed to be in. Notice the single boot in the 'girlfriends' room. We had mentioned this in an earlier post, we always noticed that sometimes the boots would be missing or there would only be one. I swear, none of the boots were taken by myself or Hoot.

Ok, second segment, we are on the ride in the neon city when we decide we are going to jump out and run ahead all the way to the cave. This is a segment from one of the rides we did with Bionic Fonzi. We do a quick run into the cave to get another photo from behind (or the side) of the kitchen. Then we hurry back out and walk around to the 'girlfriends' room and Hoot gets a little video of her computer station/desk. And you will notice, that on this trip there were indeed two boots on the floor. I would love to hear from one of the EPCOT artist preps about how many times they had to replace those boots.


  1. My god. Amazing.

    The sound from of the AAs is stunning. If only you`d been able to record each AAs spiel closeup. A holy grail for collectors including myself!

  2. The tension in the stairwell scene was awesome. I was really hoping you'd get to the top and encounter some kind of pissed off tech, therefore causing an epic chase back to the ride track. Awesome update!

  3. I love it!!!

    Why oh why did it have to close...

    Any good "out of vehicle" shots of the original imagination?!?! :D

  4. Sorry Greg, nope, Imagination was/is one of those rides just like Spaceship Earth that doing this kind of stuff would have been near impossible.

  5. Now this is what I am talking about.I know exactly where you are in the ride. I remember it from my exactly 10 minutes of training on this attraction!

    Martin - Nice to see you here. Your vids are epic.

    Greg - I'll post some Image backstage pics on my blog

    You guys rock!

  6. Amazing! How many floors did the Horizons pavilion have? Judging by your shots of the stairwell, it appears to have had at least four, but on the outside it appeared to be as tall as the 5-story building that I work in.

    Did y'all ever make it up to the roof?

  7. Wow--What an thrill!! Exploring Horizons could be its own attraction:-)

    You guys are too dang cool-- well done!!

    When i see the details of these sets compared with what i saw walking around California Adventure last weekend and i just shake my head.

  8. @Future Guy: Nope, never made it to the roof. :( But the main reason we even tried that stairwell was to see if we could get to the IMAX projector room, and we were unsuccessful at that as well. :(

    Dont fret though, not all the projector rooms were locked or unaccessable. (hint: Girlfriend and Sub-Repair Boyfriend) :) :) :) :)

  9. Well, don't keep us in suspense!

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