Monday, June 22, 2009


We've have some questions on things that I posted earlier. The question asked most is "did we do this on any other attraction?" The answer is hard to fathom, for us anyway, but....yes we did.

Chief and I met in 1986. The third day I knew him we were knee deep in Disney attractions.

I guess this phase, which is the preservation of Horizons, was only one adventure in a long string that spans some 23 years.

The more we think about this blog the more we realize that we pulled off some amazing shit and this blog is one small piece.

Chief is my soul brother and so is MJL.


  1. Did I miss something? Who is MJL?

  2. I'm interested in knowing what other attractions y'all walked around in. World of Motion? Spaceship Earth?

  3. I think it goes without saying that you guys are legendary and add as many other attractions pics as you like!

  4. I don't recommend climbing out in any ride of course, but a special word of warning: DO NOT DO THIS ON SPACESHIP EARTH! A number of people have found out the hard way just how easily and how badly it can mangle your feet and legs. Though (to my knowledge) no one was actually killed on it, there has been enough carnage there that we (CM's) called it "The Deathstar" (okay, that also has to do with the shape) or "Fatal Attraction".

  5. Whaaaat? You can't say something like that and NOT share! Also, I'm still working my way through your blog in some kind of order, but I believe you've promised a story about getting chased by cast members? Come on now, cough it up...