Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spike Tripper

Here's my old pal Spike Tripper! He came along on a few adventures back in the day. In this pic he's clearly showing farm girl HOW to operate the weather scan monitor.

Spike is a handsome cuss but the farm girl looks out of wack in this shot. There's a gap on her neck and she looks frail. maybe she had a cold that day.

Next up I have the complete record of her flying vehicle. This is your last chance to tell me the name of that three fanned flying wonder before I post!


  1. Is it just me or did this AA have a ginormous ass?

  2. Seeing the ride vehicles from this angle makes the voyeuristic qualities of Horizons all that much more apparent. Were they really that grungy??

    Nice pose with the daughter, btw...

  3. I think she is hot (Despite the neck hole).

  4. Spike Tripper? Hoot? Chief? Bionic Fonzi? Man, the parents in your childhood neighborhood were really creative to give their kids such awesome names.