Saturday, July 11, 2009

70th follower

We've reached 70 followers!

Congratulations M S, an acronym that's not very hard to figure out. Nice baby hammerhead there. Small, but a struggle I'm sure. Hammerheads are plentiful in the Florida keys. Did you know that? Not my game but bull heads are. I caught a 350 pounder last May just off of Big Pine.

As 70th follower you win a bag of "gummie worms" and a 1986 guide to Epcot Center!!!!!!! Just send your address to........oh, I already have it.

Please wait 2-3 weeks for delivery as I'll be in Lisbon Ohio on vacation starting Monday evening. Just a little breather to clear things up BUT Chief will keep posting updates here at "the times" while I'm out.

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