Saturday, July 11, 2009


Here's a nice one of the "Crystal Room" tech. She came across as old when you saw her from the ride vehicle but at close range she's not. I think it's her hair style.

That logo was cool. I have better pics of it in case some nice graphics person wants to recreate it. In fact, if anyone out there is able and wants to contribute I'll post your work here. I may try my hand at it as well.


  1. Was it me or did that scanner look like a big wang. And loved it when the narrators said, "Oh, isn't that lovely? Practical too."

    Yes, practical indeed. Practical indeed.

  2. Hoot, you've seen this right?

  3. Is that a soap dish in her hand?

  4. My mind is officially blown. I could handle mini Farmer Girl. I could deal with Bathtub Boobie lady. But I seriously thought this lady was a grandma during my entire Horizons existence!

    Btw, I'm in the process of reading the entire blog from start to finish. I'd heard of you guys before of course, but hadn't ventured over here until now. Thank you for such an amazing tribute.