Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our mother

Chief and I are from the same mother and here she is. She was very good to us growing up and we didn't want for clean jump suits or anything else. Our lunches were packed for school and we met the transport vehicle on time every day. She was loving and caring and we lead our perfect lives until.....................THEY DESTROYED NOVA CITE!

Mom's gone now. Her head rests in a storage container behind Splash Mountain and we know this because we saw it. It's hard for Chief and I but we're working through it. We walk around lake hollingsworth for hours sometimes keeping each other in check.
Dear mother.


  1. Is the carpet pulled up there by her foot?? Whats the compressor looking thingy?

    Any shots of her head in a box ?!? :D

  2. When I worked Journey into Imagination we took Bonnie Appetite's head and hid it in the ride. During the Mystery Story show scene she would look down on you menacingly. But, then again, she was a bitch.

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  4. Wow, I am listening to Revelation (Mother Earth) when I see this post...

  5. Greg, under Mom is a paper shop rag. The cylinder shapes are the valves that control her movements. IF...and I mean IF... she was really air powered and not oil these are probably some sort of proportional air valves.
    Proportional valves are able to control an air cylinder through built in sensors inside of the cylinder itself.

    At any rate they controled Mom's actions.

  6. I would think because of the placement of the AA's on furniture that the figures were probably controlled by compressed air. Also I dont think they were A-100 figures as they all had limited movement.

    Did they make alot of clicking noise up close? if so then its definatly compressed air... The tiki room and alot of the HM figures are that way

  7. Haunted, there was so much noise in there that I never noticed wether or not there was any solenoid clicking:( The manual that Mouse Surplus is selling claims that all the figures were pneumatic. However if there were servo valves controling the air there wouldn't have been that clicking sound only sound from the exhaust ports. Right?

  8. Why was EPCOT's vision of the future so wrong about the world-wide adoption of hospital-blue jumpsuits as casual wear? Since 1982, humans have become more and more unique in terms of their appearance, and I just don't believe the blue jumpsuit is a possibility anymore. Maybe I'm wrong but so much would need to change for us not to want to express our uniqueness and status through dress. Hasn't happened yet, don't expect it to...

  9. Gino, I have thought about that very point for years. I can't figure it out either.

    Growing up in the late 60's, 70's, and 80's I noticed that every visual of future living had us in jump suits EXCEPT for Star Wars.

    If you think about it, and I'm sure I'll get flack for it, the entire future living aspect of Horizons was bland. Very sterile. I often wonder what the "bad part of town" in Nova Cite must have looked like. "Wrong side of the Meg-lev tracks" if you will.

  10. Two ironies to ponder:

    1) Horizons CM costumes weren't jump suits, while next door at World of Motion, CMs wore one of only two jumpsuits in the entire (original) FutureWorld costume lineup.

    2) Jumpsuits could easily *prevent* our beloved Horizons future. How? Well, having had the displeasure of wearing one (Land Boats) I can tell you that if you get one that fits correctly (not tight, but properly fitting) when you're standing, then it's pretty tight through the torso when you sit. Let's just say the besides being uncomfortable (sometimes even painful), it coud--uh--have an impact on fertility, leading to the demise of the human race.

    Don't even get me started on polyester. Add that to the mix, and the entire race would commit suicide before they even had a chance to become infertile.

  11. The whole jumpsuit concept comes from we need to lose our grasp on "individuality", and concentrate on the colony as one entity.

    That means importance on what we look like, what we want to be happy, and how big tits look and how wonderful they would feel would become a non-issue.

    Jumpsuit living is where the human race is inevitably heading, as enlightenment brings us closer to each other, and further from ourselves.