Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weightless Chief

Chief hugs granny as Pac Man looks on.
This is a great one. Imagine if you had no interests in Epcot, never, rode Horizons, and had never been to a Disney park...........WHAT would you think was going on here?????? It would look like a guy lifting up some old lady in outer space.
Notice the speaker by Chief's foot.


  1. Looks like Chief is saving her from a rather unpleasant probe. Such a humanitarian.

  2. You know the most entertaining part for me on this site ... the labels. Nice little details for each entry ("dancing with the stars..." - awesome!) Good show!

  3. Jstone's comments rock.

    Sam, I like to see what wierd links google will put up based on my nonsense:)

  4. Howdy guys!
    Jeff Heimbuch from Page 626 here!
    You guys have a totally kick ass blog, and Im glad I came across it! Very very cool!
    Id love to interview you guys on the (upcoming) Page 626 podcast about your adventures in Horizons!
    Can one of you folks shoot me an email at