Saturday, July 4, 2009

Set on the left

Well here we go! I had to adjust the brightness and contrast in order to make out the labels. It seems the large screen TV plays only MA-2 discs. There are several contained in each box and these are "films/programs". T-Z and so forth.

MA-2 disks. Obviously better than Blue Ray which came almost 75 years earlier.

This is far before DVD but the minds who created Horizons knew we would watch "disk based" media in the near future. Tape would hit the highway and quick.

Wonderful detail. Yet another testament to those who created this amazing attraction.


  1. The detail shows the level of respect the designers had for the guests.
    Custom box, custom font, custom colors...
    Today it would be a video screen of a bookshelf:-)

    This is a blast , its like walking thru the attraction and "double-clicking" any object!!

    We all appreciate the time you guys spend slicing and dicing this stuff. thx.

  2. Well, according to Wikipedia, optical discs have been around since the late 50's. In 1982 the first CDs became commercially available. I can see why they were included on the set as a common thing in the future as it was a developing technology at the time.