Saturday, July 4, 2009

The other side of the shelf

These are volumes of Family vids. I guess on the same type of video format. They have a nice collection and now I'm crying. Imagine red haired girl playing out in the groves. Her annoying little brother being a jerk and asking for ice cream................RANDOMLY! Billy Mays type dad gold brickin' while his wife works the fields.
ahhhhhhhh.......... future livin'.


  1. This is great!! Let's keep ridin'!!

  2. what about red-striped monorail? :( bummer, man.

  3. What a shame. What happened to the MAPO system that automatically shuts down monorails that are too close to eachother? I think the guy hit the override switch and tempted fate.

  4. Here's some YouTune of it. Sad to watch as clearly the guy is dead.

  5. Well, when you hire minimum wage, bottom of the barrel, employees you can't expect them to give a shit about safety. For that matter I remember one monorail guy a few years ago that looked and smelled like he just crawled up out of the bushes. I'm surprised he didn't ask me for spare change.

    Back in the day, pre Eisner, Cast members made more than they could get at any other summer job. Their costumes were clean and fresh because it wasn't up to them to wash them at home. They didn't have a fucking mustache and they all spoke english. You never saw an over weight tour guide with an ass big enough to shelter guests in a rain storm. If you weren't visually pleasing your ass went to food service where guests couldn't see you. If you didn't fit in a certain costume YOU DIDN"T WORK IN THAT JOB. There were no "plus sized" tour guide costumes. If you were a redneck you found yourself in custodial. If you were a shrimpy little peewee you found yourself working with rednecks! If you were a social misfit you didn't get hired.

    The last time (and maybe THE last time) I was at the Magic Kingdom I encountered living proof that the old system was much better. I asked a custodial guy, who smelled like pot, where the restroom was (i knew where it was but I wanted to test him). He looked at me like he'd never seen another human before in his life! He was some sort of wild man like bigfoot. He couldn't comprehend the idea of a "restroom" let alone tell me where I could take a dump. He shits in the grass or in his costume.

    Then I went to Tom Sawyers Island. There was a female cast member who had to weigh 400 pounds. She needed a ride to her job location so she rode on our raft. THE MOTHER FUCKER STARTED TO SINK! Water came up over the front totally drenching our shoes. The fuck head who was driving got on top of the little cabin and laughed at us. Real nice. We looked like a bunch of Eskimos that hauled in a whale to big for our crude fishing vessel. When we got to the other side the whale jiggled off into the wilderness.

    One more and I'll stop. We went up to buy ice cream and saw that they took Visa at the filthy little cart. The douche says to us "Oh sorry we don't take cards". I respond "Then WHY would you have a little Visa sign on your cart?". The guy says "Huh?" "RIGHT HERE YOU FUCKIN' NUMB NUTS! WHAT DOES THIS SAY? YOU CAN'T READ CAN YOU?" I'm pretty sure he couldn't read. We walked away with our free ice cream.

    The World's gone mad.

  6. Hoot, my man, wow! I never realized that back in the day they were so hardcore about the "LOOK" as compared to now.

    I am looking at old videos from WDW in the 70's and I think you're right..

  7. I just got off the phone with a few of my informants one of which works maintenance at the monorail barn. This was definitly a suicide.

    Disney will probably pull this vid from youtube. Chief and I have already ripped it so you'll find it on our channel if they do:)

  8. Hoot, that was all kinds of awesome!!! I got the vid too as backup.

    Also, sent you an email this morning. Check it.

  9. I don't think anyone will be allowed to ride up front ever again.

  10. Its very true about Disney Standards for CMs... I used to work at Disneyland and different members of my family have worked for the company since the early 60's. I used to work with this one woman in adventurland that was SO BIG that she couldnt fit into the women's costume... she had to wear the guys pants. then on top of it all of her teeth had cavities and were brocken - we called her "Snaggletooth"... and she has been working at the park for 12 years now.

    but also too managers dont help any of the situations. I used to work Indy and had an injury from Jungle Cruise... one day i was in so much pain the cast health doctor gave me a huge bottle of Darvocet, had me take one, and sent me back to run the attraction. WHAT?!?!?!!

    I immediatly told them i refused to work doped up, in concern for safty, and they tried to write me up for isabordination.

  11. Hoot, I can't agree with the unkind descriptions of some of the people--but I do agree that they shouldn't be working at Disney, or at least not "On stage". This isn't about "diversity" or being "politically correct". Disney employees are called "Cast Members" for a reason (or at least used to be). They are playing a role, and it's only appropriate to cast someone for a role for which htey are suited.

    There are still many great CM's, but there are also many that simply don't belong in the parks.

    I do blame Eisner for this and many other things--but it's also important to note that staffing requirements skyrocketed in the years after Eisner, as WDW experienced unprecedented expansion. I definitely think that CM's should be paid a LOT more and treated a LOT better, but they're ultimately still going to be limited by the sheer volume of people that they need and the demographics of the area. Bototm line, they simply don't have the luxury of being as selective as they once were.

    That said, while they may be limited in who they can hire, they CAN still enforce "The Disney Look" and they CAN return to maintaining the costumes instead of pushing that expense and responsibility off on the CM's.

  12. Haunted, I had a somewhat similar experience. I was once so ill that I was absolutely delirious and it took every bit of strength I had to keep from passing out. I had been ill for a while, but had gone into work, because I simply couldn't afford to miss any more. At $5.85 an hour, you do what you have to do to survive, sometimes risking your own survival in the process.

    I quickly realized that not only was it a dire situation for me, it was also putting guests at risk, as I was in a safety-critical position. I called the lead and asked to be released. They kept me in rotation for another HOUR or so, and finally insisted that I see the nurse before being released from duty. I did so, and once she saw my condition, the nurse was LIVID that they'd kept me there. She said--though I've never confirmed this--that under Florida law, if you tell your employer that you're too ill to work, they must release you immediately.

    I later had a similar fight with Busch Gardens.

    The problem is, the people in management at these places usually don't care, and most have never worked outside these often toxic environments, so they don't know what it's like in the "real world".

  13. It looks like Disney may have already gotten to the video. I tried the link and it didn't work. A search on YouTube failed to turn up anything relevant. Guys, can you post it here? Or better yet, email it to me? (I know Jstone has my email).


  14. I know things at disney were better pre eisner but somethings had to change disney used to basically say if your in anyway handicapped or don't look a supermodel you can't work here and as we all know that is illegal to do that and disney got caught and now they are paying for it while I do think anyone who can work at disney and wants to should things are a little out of hand I know but one of my fave castmembers who is dropdead gorgeous a retro disney junkie and is so old school cast member it is sick she actually misses disney when she is a way from it for to long flat got told one day by a old castmember basicly girl with breast and hips like yours you would have never been hired back in the even though you are one of the best cast members around here and that is not fair while I know most of the managers are morons and some of the castmembers need to be fired I hear about it everyday the place is getting better now that eisner is gone it is a very slow progress but it is happening if you ever get to the point you flat hate disney just ask me and I will tell you what ever new good things disney is doing I was told by one of my fave castmembers

  15. Katie, there are certain legal protections, but "not looking like a supermodel" isn't one of them. And those protections that do exist, don't necessarily allow you to have whatever position you want within a company.

    When Disney used to take its job of "casting" seriously, they evaluated potential Cast Members on looks AND personality. The ideal Cast Member would fit the "look", the personality, and the temperament to work in the parks. If they didn't, there were plenty of backstage positions. When they had the luxury of choosing one of ten applicants (I hear that now, if you have a pulse you're hired) they could choose those candidates with "the whole package" for parks positions.

    As much as I am disgusted by the superficiality of our culture, I think that the opposite extreme--pretending that everyone is equally capable of and suited to every job--is not the answer, either. When you're "playing a role" you should fit the role in every way.

    Btw, I say this as someone who has been "discriminated against". Toward the end of my time at Disney, I started looking a flight attendant positions. I found that only one or two airlines would accept a flight attendant over 6' tall (I'm 6'3"). I went through a couple of interviews with one, but wasn't chosen. I know they had literally hundreds of candidates to chose from, and of those, I was among about twenty that made it through the first couple of interviews. If they only had ten positions available, I'm sure they chose those whom they felt had the look and temperament that they were looking for. Disappointing as it was, I wouldn't expect any different.

  16. Walt Disney World is an utter mess of a resort these days. I've been going to and favoring the Tokyo Disney Resort these days as my dollar is much better spent there. It truly operates and looks like a Disney park should. You get amazing service with cast members who take utter pride in their jobs even though they do still get the equivalent of min wage here in America. I've hardly EVER EVER EVER seen an effect not working on an attraction let alone peeling or faded paint. Each new attraction created there is given a proper budget and not cut consistently leaving us with a half-assed incarnation of what the Imagineers wanted. DisneySEA is a testament to this and, IMHO, a living museum to the what the Imagineers are capable shines with the utter love for detail this talented team has. Trust me, it's not WDI's lack of vision that is causing us to get the shaft with attractions and theming these days...IT'S THE DAMN BEAN COUNTERS and WDW seems to get the worst of it. I understand the challenges to operating such a monster under the thumb of hard times but it wasn't always like this. EPCOT's Future World looks like a damn community college campus out of the 80''s awful. Don't get me started on the attractions. They are crap in comparison to what the place once stood for. Where has our optimistic view of the future gone? Flushed into the toilet by a f-ing accountant. I'd like to toss a neutron bomb on the entire East side of Future World and then finish off the POS Imagination pavilion with a shit storm fireball. What the hell has happened to the place? Ugh. Looking back at Horizons like this just makes me think of the sense of inspiration EPCOT once carried for a wide-eyed kid like I was back then during "the golden years" of EPCOT. end rant

  17. Katie, you're part of the problem - not the solution.