Saturday, July 11, 2009

More crystals

Ok this shot shows some old looking hands. Maybe she WAS old? I don't meant to go on about her age but we called her "Crystal Granny" until we got a close up look. At any rate, it's cool to see that her remote control was disk shaped. I also like to look at the costumes and see where they were seamed for ease of use.


  1. "Seamed for ease of use." That's what she said.

    Anyway, how did you get this shot? Was it from the ground on that scene? Kinda tough to walk.

  2. She’s a looker alright. In the future granny’s are hot (creepy)

    No one can here you age in space.

    That crystal logo dose not look to difficult to reproduce, if you have those pictures we can have a go at it

  3. Little known fact that Horizons predicted the MILF craze of the early 21st century.

  4. True Kyle. It'll get more intense as we get closer to 2083. In the future no girls have a date for the prom. (but their mothers do)